We’ve signed up with ECUTEK

Last week we signed up with EcuTeK to bring our customers even more specialised services.

When you choose an EcuTeK upgrade to your factory ecu, you are choosing a product which is designed to build upon (and enhance) your car’s existing ECU by upgrading its on-board software.

  • Less tuning time means lower cost.
  • Using factory ECU means more reliability of using your factory ECU’s built in features
  • Supported worldwide as well as Nationally. Hundreds of (reliable and registered) tuners share data to continually improve the product.
  • Used by factory distributors Internationally. If its good for Subaru, Mitsubishi and Mazda, then it has to be good!
  • Only credible and approved tuners can use EcuTeK, meaning you know you can rely on them.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Constantly updated. The Software is always being improved by a team of highly qualified developers in the UK.

This upgrade takes advantage of the thousands of hours (and millions of dollars) of tuning which yoiur vehicle manufacturer invests in, (before your model is released).

It opens to you, as the owner, a wealth of information and tuning options which have been developed through our tuning (and dyno testing) by our well established partners and our tuner network worldwide.

We are dedicated to achieving the most from your special vehicle

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