After many years of having my 2005 Senator serviced at Gentech, and nearing 300,000ks (yes I drive my car extensively) I decided to undertake a complete engine rebuild for my LS2 during 2014.  I asked Marcus and Kit for advice and guidance of how to get the best possible outcome and/or options eg upgrade to LS3 etc.

Firstly, besides doing a great job the suggested changes made by Marcus, while overall minimal, have stopped people and asked me who did the work on the car.  I asked for a 330kw engine and was provided with a 340kw beast with nearly 600NM of torque.

I’ve even had a few drivers pull me over to have a closer look at the car and ask questions.  This in itself is a great advertisement for the professional way in which your firm undertakes its work.

Secondly, I have no hesitation in recommending to anybody contemplating servicing or engine rebuild or repairs to their car to come and see you guys first before they go elsewhere.

While cost is an important factor when considering a rebuild of this nature you pay for quality and service, which means you save in the long run.

I know Gentech could have suggested a more expensive way to get the same effect on my engine, however because of the firms’ professional integrity you provided a much better solution and less cost.

Again, thanks heaps Marcus.

Gary Rees

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