Ford Performance Package 6 Cylinder Turbo: Stage 3

Note: This kit is designed for Ford’s range of Turbocharged BA, BF and F6 vehicles.


Turning up the wick to Cobra’s Stage 3 Power Upgrade kit and things are starting to get very serious. As previously explained, whereas some aftermarket tuners suggest that the quality of the 4.0-litre engine’s internals are capable of withstanding much higher than stock torque loads, we do not believe that in the long term the connecting rods will provide good service.

Call it overkill, however at GenTech we are more interested in ensuring our customers receive a product that we have absolutely no reservations in supplying. Granted, some engines may handle 450 plus flywheel kilowatts, however the question remains for how long. If an engine breaks, the damage will be significant. The alternative is to provide prevention rather than hoping for a cure once it is too late.

Cobra’s Stage 3 package is an extremely comprehensive package that includes:

  • Engine stripped and inspected
  • All clearances are machined to exacting standards (blueprinted)
  • Crank, rods, pistons are balanced
  • Custom designed forged pistons
  • Cylinder combustion chamber is modified
  • Is fitted with new rings and bearings
  • Custom heavy-duty valve springs are fitted
  • Custom steel billet oil pump gears
  • Custom high performance connecting rods and ARP bolts
  • Engine is reassembled to exacting standards
  • Engine and Stage 2 kit are fitted to vehicle
  • Block sonically tested to ensure no core shift or other problems
  • Engine tuned using Flash Tuner with boost at approx. 1.2 Bar
  • Engine is carefully run-in on chassis dyno
  • The process includes all fuel and an oil change
  • Cylinder head is stripped, checked and cleaned up where necessary

This package is quieter and smoother than any other BA/BF aftermarket forged piston engine on the market.


Engine is now capable of 450 rear wheel kilowatts.

The performance of a Cobra Stage 3 kitted vehicle is simply astonishing in that it offers ‘normal’ drivability. In fact you wouldn’t know that it was anything other than stock in the way it drove, until of course you nail the accelerator. Furthermore, you are able to maintain (depending on how one drives) stock fuel consumption figures and impeccable driving manners.

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