Ford Performance Package 6 Cylinder Turbo: Stage 2

Note: This kit is designed for Ford’s range of Turbocharged BA, BF and F6 vehicles.


Cobra’s Stage 2 kit reliably allows a BA, BF and F6 Turbo engine to develop a healthy 390 engine kilowatts along with vastly more torque. Cobra’s Stage 2 kit reliably delivers full power in almost all conditions and for extended periods of time.

Heat soak simply isn’t on the agenda, and this ensures absolutely no power loss during extended periods of enthusiastic driving. Don’t even bother trying this with any of the factory-enhanced kits! Significantly, of course depending on the vigour of your right foot, fuel consumption will not increase over the factory figures. Once again, achievements such as this typically are not available with systems that merely expand on factory theory.

 Cobra’s Stage 2 package includes:

  • GenTech edit and custom tune
  • Custom hi-flow injectors
  • Custom cast alloy rocker cover garnish
  • Custom cast alloy intake plenum
  • Custom intercooler hoses
  • Cast alloy throttle body adaptor
  • Cast alloy thermostat housing
  • K&N air filter
  • Fibreglass air box
  • Inlet Manifold Studs
  • Heat shrink
  • Oil breather hose
  • PCV hose
  • Hose clamps
  • Numerous cable ties
  • Odyssey battery
  • Battery box
  • Battery cable
  • Battery cable clips
  • Large intercooler
  • Several bolts
  • Washers
  • T-pieces
  • Direct plug in loom extensions and earth clip
  • Inlet manifold
  • Intake manifold and battery tray nuts
  • Brass fittings for plenum intake pipe
  • Breather return hose and thermostat housing

This kit can be purchased without the Flasher box. Valve springs and the fitting of are not included.

Note: MkII BF and F6 models don’t require Cobra valve springs or conrods to be fitted. They do however require a hi-flow cat.


390kW at the engine*
*Power levels may vary between certain vehicles due to condition of factory parts outside the control of GenTech’s performance kit etc.

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